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Slimline 360w

Slimline classic white panel 300mm x 1200mm *NEW*

The unique narrow profile of this heating panel makes it the solution to those places in the home and office where a wider panel simply won’t fit. As it can be placed vertically as well as horizontally (and on ceilings) it’s very versatile .

Now there's a solution to narrow sections of walls like dwarf walls in conservatories, between windows, or beside doorways, saving your wider free wall spaces for other uses. Also ideal for WCs and other small rooms, entrances, and perfect for corridor ceilings.  In fact, there are many places where Infrared heating can now be fitted with this Slimline panel.

This is a high quality, German standard, white far infrared heating panel, built to the best German TUV (SUD) standard. With a handy 360w of output it should prove surprisingly effective in warming you (use our calculator to work out what power you need, or call us so we can advise).

Best carbon crystal far infrared technology - don't settle for less. 

White panels area ideal for those places where a neutral coloured panel is preferred. Suitable for walls or ceilings. Very popular in commercial spaces and increasingly the choice of organisations such as housing associations who are looking for safer, long lasting and cheaper to run heating solutions.

Unbeatable price for the very best carbon crystal far infared heating panel. 

German TUV (SUD) standard - the best available on the market today

300mm x 1200mm x 22mm with white aluminium frame

Heavy duty fixing brackets on back. Supplied with fixing kit.

IP rating 54 (splash resistant)

Rated for 100,000 hours!

​Price includes free delivery and VAT


Note: We recommend a ceiling fixing kit if you are going to suspend the panel from a ceiling.


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Dramatically reduce your heating costs with this infrared panel. It offers the latest thin panel heating technology, that converts electricity to heat at nearly 100% efficiency and only releases the heat energy on contact with surfaces.

* Up to 70% less cost than central heating 
* Safe and clean 
* Wall or ceiling mounted and DIY friendly. 
* No moving parts equals no maintenance. These panels are rated for 100,000 hours of usage (to 50 years) 
* Low purchase price. Just compare the market and see that we offer the best value in IR heating

It is recommended to use with a thermostat timer with a panel, or at least a timer. This will help match the heating with your lifestyle.Type your paragraph here.